Elytra Reversible Earrings Sage-turquois

Elytra Reversible Earrings Sage-turquois by John Moore

Not currently available NB: These earrings are non-returnable.


Main Material : Anodised aluminium | Other Materials : Silver | Length (mm) : 60 | Fitting Type : Post or Stud | Dimensions (mm) : 75 | One of a Kind : No | Hallmarked : No | Wire Material : silver | Finish : polished hoops


Inspired by Amazonian artefacts and natural forms, John's Elytra collection is made from a single shape based on beetle wings - known to entomologists as 'elytra'.  Cut individually from sheets of dyed, anodised aluminium the shapes are rhythmically repeated and assembled to create a variety of sculptural forms.  Organic movement, delicate noise and vivid colours delight the senses and beg the wearer to play. 

*Drop earrings can be worn closed or flared to create a different look according to your preference.  Change them simply by threading the hoop through the opposite end, then give a little shake. 

Treat your earrings with care.  Should they get dirty then wash with warm soapy water and dry using a cloth.  If the silver hoops become tarnished either remove the drop and the butterfly and rub carefully with a silver cloth, or submerge the whole earring into silver dip for no more than 30 seconds before rinsing thoroughly with water.  Dry with a cloth and a hair drier.


Please note:  Avoid leaving your jewellery in direct sunlight for prolonged periods as this can cause colours to lose their intensity, particularly reds and other colours that contain red pigment ie:  oranges, pinks and purples.  This is the nature of red dye, not a manufacturing fault and John Moore will not be held responsible.


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