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necklaces and earrings. Truly unique and stunning contemporary jewellery made from aluminium and silver with beautiful colour, texture and movement.

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My latest contemporary jewellery collection, Vane, continues to evolve, much like the natural forms that inspire me.  Bright edges of repeated shapes in coloured aluminium describe a seemingly solid form with emphasis on the negative spaces in between.  By colouring these internal planes I create an optical effect that further contradicts the illusion of solidity, and demands a second look.  Sometimes rigid and sometimes flexible, Vane has an organic quality that is almost animal despite its machine aesthetic.  By combining these attributes it is my aim to create interesting, intriguing objects that beg the wearer to play.  I have been fortunate to win two awards with Vane, the EUNIQUE World Crafts Council Award in May 2011 and the Kayman Award from the British Jewellers Association in 2008.